.:*KD Designs*:. was created back in April of 2009.  Our name is spreading by groups, word of mouth, or just pure luck of Tpin’ in!.  .:*KD Designs*:. sells the most Trendy women’s fashion!  Clothing & Accessories are the main selling points.  Skins are coming soon!  They are slowly processing but hopefully soon, we will be offering the skins.  I have my fingers crossed =) *hehe*.

End of May of 2009, .:*KD Designs*:. opened a new line, GQ Fashions For Men which are men’s fashion designs by my husband, Texas Dezno.  We are both very proud and excited with how things are turning out with our combined shops!  We’ve been participating in hunts & joining different fashion groups to help better advertise our shop!  Also, we already have several regulars that are wonderful people.  I enjoy meeting each & every one of them!

I created this blog to help better keep my loyal customers updated on any Hunts or Sales I may be having [That is if they happen to miss my group notices =)] & just updates about new releases or any ideas I plan to have.  Also, I hope to hear back from many of them with their opinions, thoughts, or suggestions on anything that they’d like made or what they think of certain new releases, etc.

Now do please keep in mind that this is for construction criticism.  Please be as nice as you can not only to me but also others who choose to post and comment on here.  I am very open minded and welcome any & all opinions!  I will try my best to reply back to all comments if so needed.  =)

Take care all & I do hope to see you soon!

Kylla ❤


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