New Releases 6.9.2009

June 9, 2009

Hey All Trendy Peeps!!!

We Have New Releases!!

Be Sure To Come & Check Out The Shop!

Our Satellite Shop Is Almost Set!

Also Our New Line, !Cherrylicious! Is Coming To Shops Next Monday, June 15th.

It’s Especially For “The Neko In You!

So All You Awesome Neko Lovers Out There, Be Sure To Keep An Ear To The Ground, It’s Coming Soon!

Here Are Our New Releases Below!

Available In 7 Other Colors

Available In 7 Other Colors

This Sexy, Mid-Drift Baring Top Is Perfect W/ Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans Or That Cute Mini Skirt!

Only Color Available

Only Color Available

This Beautiful, Flowly Dress Is Perfect For The Night Out Dancing W/ Your Hunnie Or To Walk Along The Beach W/O A Care In The World!

More Awesome Designs Coming Soon!  I Hope To See You Real Soon!

Also: Please Feel Free To Join The Update Group, It Doesn’t Take Up A Group Space & Also, You Receive A Free Gift!

Free Gift Sent Out For Every 100 People That Join!  So Tell Your Friends!  🙂

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New Satellite Shop!*

June 4, 2009

.:*KD Designs*:. has currently opened a new satellite shop!  Though only half the shop is filled right now, but .:*KD Designs*:. is coming out with a new line, so be sure to stay tuned!  Hope to have it up & running within the next week or so!

LM To Satellite Shop!

Be sure to stay tuned for this week’s coming New Releases! 🙂

Ky ❤

Hello All You Awesome Fashionista’s Out There!

Welcome to .:*KD Designs*:. blog!

Here I plan to post about new releases, any hunts I may be participating in, updates, etc.  Your opinions, suggestions, & comments are most welcome!

Just earlier today, I placed out to new releases!

[Please See Photos & Descriptions Below!]

Availble In 7 Other Colors With & Without Designs.  [Designs Will Vary]
Availble In 7 Other Colors With & Without Designs. [Designs Will Vary]

This beautiful wrap around [Jacket Layer] is available in 7 other colors, each either without a design or the designs vary!  Perfect with any dress pants or if you rather, a cute mini skirt or jeans.

Available In 4 Other Colors

Available In 4 Other Colors

This adorable cami is available in 4 other colors [Jacket Layer].  Would go great if your cutest jean mini or your most comfortable jeans!

These are the latest new releases at .:*KD Designs*:.  We are currently working on getting a blog up for GQ Fashions For Men to keep you all updated on everything with that as well!

Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or opinions!

I will do my best to reply to them as soon as possible!

I hope you all have a great week & talk to you soon!  😀